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About Jannis Swerman & Company


Jannis Swerman is a seasoned veteran of the restaurant industry. Beginning as a maitre d’ at the original Spago in Hollywood, Jannis cultivated relationships with an international roster of guests, journalists and hospitality colleagues, earning respect, admiration and a reputation for her integrity and expertise that is admired by industry professionals to this day. Her encyclopedic knowledge of the restaurant’s patrons made her an asset and key contributor in organizing and executing the legendary Oscar Parties at Spago hosted by Irving and Mary Lazar in the 1980s.


After her rewarding career with Wolfgang Puck, Jannis established Jannis Swerman & Company in 2005 to immediate success. Jannis Swerman & Company’s history boasts a stellar and longstanding client list, having worked with both prominent and emerging industry talents and restaurant groups that include Suzanne Goin, Caroline Styne of The Lucques Group, Sherry Villanueva of Acme Hospitality Group, Toscana Restaurant Group, Suzanne Tracht, Frank Ostini, John Cox, Christiaan Röllich, Bob Oswaks and others.


Jannis Swerman & Company contributes their services to the annual L.A. Loves Alex’s Lemonade fundraiser, founded by Suzanne Goin, Caroline Styne and David Lentz in November 2010. As a member of the Burger Brigade, she helped save the iconic Irv’s Burgers, a 1950s hamburger stand in West Hollywood, from demolition in 2005, resulting in their declaration as a cultural landmark by the City of West Hollywood.


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